frontrunner in the web development business?

A lightweight and user-friendly website always adds more value compared to a site that takes higher time to process. Oryx Software understands the aesthetic principle of minimalistic website design and strictly adheres to the policy to build such a system that not only produces optimal performance but also maintains a user-friendly approach. Therefore, it is the best website designing company in Qatar. In the case of website redesign which Oryx Software does in all alacrity, the senior designers of the organization review the current site and provide a detailed analysis for a facelift of the existing site. This makes the agency the best Web designing company in Qatar.

Experience resources

If you want your concern to be the frontrunner in an online business, then the foremost requirement is to have an impressive website. At Oryx software, we have a team of experienced professionals to develop the ideal website for you. We know how much experience counts.

Creativity sense

In the present digital era websites are the most preferred media choice, and visual symbols play anessential role as well. Our web development team consists of web designers who possess a sense of aesthetics and are capable of out of the box thinking to produce the best web experience.

Latest technologies

At Oryx software, we keep ourselves updated with the latest technologies used to develop quality websites which can serve as a robust line of communication with your guests and clients. Websites which offer ease of navigation and remarkable user experience.

services that we offer as a
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We at Oryx Software have been able to win the trust and confidence of our esteemed clients through a wide range of services. Oryx Software is also well known for meeting deadlines without compromising quality.


The websites we design for content marketing are highly responsive, offering considerable ease of navigation. We also put a lot of emphasis on providing a unique user experience so that these websites could be used to create and effectively manage content. CMS are basically used for enterprise content management and web content management. A CMS has 2 main components - content management application and content delivery application.Core features of a typical CMS include indexing, retrieval, format management and revision.


Oryx Software as one of the leading web development companies clearly knows the approach and takes all strides to build a user-friendly ecommerce system. In fact, the success of an application is implicit, which is dependent upon the design of the system. In one word, it is termed as user-friendly. The more a system is easy to use the higher is the possibility of success. Expert and best web designers in Qatar have given hard work and dedication for the company to achieve success of the projects.

Custom Web Application

Simplicity and user-friendliness are the two most crucial aspects when it comes to custom web application. As a best web development company in Qatar, Oryx Software has gathered strong acumen in this arena, Oryx Software clearly understands the direction that needs to be followed when building a new web application. In order to provide a robust system the team first gets associated with the client to analyze the business based on which they proceed further to develop the new system.

UI / UX Design

Oryx Software is an enterprise application development company, who understands the factor of UI and UX. We have the best web designers of Qatar who make UI/UX based on the requirements. Therefore, for any such projects undertaken Oryx Software as a UI UX designer ensures to apply the latest tools and technologies to define a modern and elegant system that not only enhances user experience but also light-weight so that the system can be accessed even on low bandwidth.


Usability and user experience of a website depends mainly on the design of the website. Apart from ease of navigation, it is also important that the user enjoys his web experience. At Oryx Software, our designers create such a web experience through top-class visual hierarchy and excellent use of typography.

A 6-step approach to bring alive a unique web experience...

  • Requirement
  • Designing
  • Backend
  • Development
  • Testing
  • Deployment


This stage of information gathering is most crucial as the subsequent steps depend on this one. At this stage, there should be absolute clarity about website objectives, future goals and target audience. A questionnaire can be used for the purpose.

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At this stage, the final shape and appearance of the website are developed which is called the website layout. It can be a real graphic design or a mere sketch. The layout containing colours, logos and images is subsequently reviewed by the client before he approves it.

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The next stage in the website development cycle is that of database Designing. It entails the creation of data which would serve as the basis for user experience. At this stage, the complete website structures are also developed which make the website user-friendly.

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The website is given its final shape through the process of coding. The website developer needs to have complete command over the technology he is going to use. Coding is based on website hierarchy and sitemap, which are developed in the second stage.

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Before launching a website, each and every link should be tested to ensure that there are no broken links. Moreover, it is extremely crucial to eliminate all typographic and coding errors through a comprehensive review. Only then the website can be uploaded to the server.

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After testing, the clients expect the website to run without any hassles and in case any problem crops up, it is the agency’s responsibility to fix the issues. It is important to add a feedback system to the site so that it can be regularly updated and changes effected on the basis of client’s feedback if required if required after deployment

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