Custom Software (ERP, CRM, HRM etc.)

Custom Software (ERP, CRM, HRM etc.)


Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is the innermost part of core business processes that the companies need to manage their everyday proceedings. The operations are often handled with the help of integrated software and technology. As per the experts, ERP is a category of software that plays a core role in business and its management. The core business processes of ERP include the following:

  • Inventory Management
  • Finance
  • Shipping and Payment
  • Product Planning
  • Purchases
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Service and Delivery
  • Manufacturing

At Oryx Software, we provide high-quality EPR Solutions to enable our clients to collect, store, handle, and interpret data that they collect from their everyday proceedings. We have the industry-best ERP professionals who have proven track record working for the most reputed clients in the industry.


Managing customers is a pivotal responsibility that most of the businesses, irrespective of size and turnover, undertake. As the modern business world faces potential challenges at all levels, the business owners have started relying on customized solutions in the form of Customer Relationship Management (CRM). The term CRM refers to all the practices, marketing and sales strategies, and technologies that the service providers use to look after and manage their business as well as clients. CRM systems are responsible for compiling information regarding the customers and their projects. The information may even include personal and business information of the clients.

The CRMs are responsible for taking care of the following:

  • Leads
  • Contacts
  • Organizations
  • Opportunities
  • Invoice
  • Sales Orders
  • Projects
  • Vendors
  • Purchase Orders
  • Reports

Oryx Software has a team of knowledgeable CRM professionals who can create the user-friendly CRM systems that can suit the need of every client. There is no reason to think that the features and characteristics of two CRM systems are similar. They vary as per the nature of the business.


Human Resource Management (HRM or HR) is the term that refers to managing the human resources that work for an organization. The role of the Hr Managers is very vital for the proper running of the everyday business of a particular organization. The HR is primarily responsible for managing the people within the organization keeping the company policies and strategies in the viewpoint. The manager undertakes the responsibility of recruitment of the employees, training, performance assessment and appraisal, and rewarding. Overall, the HR Managers are responsible for maintaining a perfect balance between company interests and employee management.

Various aspects of HRM System:

  • System Administration
  • Personal Information Management (PIM)
  • Leave /Time off Management
  • Time & Attendance Management
  • Recruitment
  • Performance
  • Rewarding
  • Employee Self Service

At Oryx Software, we develop custom HRM systems for our clients to smoothen their day-to-day responsibilities. Our developers have the knowledge, experience, and expertise to manage every aspect of the business, and that is why HRM Systems developed by us are very successful. We understand your business and our responsibilities well.


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