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The first step in the software development process is that of ideation. We start brainstorming ideas once we have clarity about the market demands and needs of the customers. After that, the search for solutions starts on the basis of a problem statement. At this stage, it is pertinent for us to have an open mind and consider ideas coming from relevant quarters.


After ideation, we need to analyse the work done by the client for an objective assessment of performance at various stages. Such an assessment helps us to have an idea of additional requirements and the challenges which we are going to face in the future. This is important to move on to the next step.


The next step is that of planning through which we develop a blueprint of the entire project. This is crucial for an accurate calculation of the strengths and weaknesses of the project without which we cannot overcome the various obstacles which we are likely to face as we progress. With such a systematic approach we can eliminate the errors to a large extent which would be beneficial in the long run. The timeframes and deadlines are also developed at this stage.


Once the blueprint and roadmap are ready we need to flawlessly implement them without which we cannot meet the targets. The actual development of the software starts at this stage with the simultaneous observation of the process. The observations are recorded and data is generated to develop the parameters of proper functioning which further leads us to the outcomes and results.


Goal setting is the stage where the targets are clearly defined on the basis of roadmaps which are based on expectations. Goals can be ambitious as well as realistic but we always try to strike an optimum balance. Goals and targets provide the right direction and are the most important source of motivation. Mission and vision statements are also developed on the basis of goals.


This is the final stage where we deliver the project to the client based on which he looks forward to returns and conversions. The success of a project is determined by such conversions which are also indicators of an organisation’s performance. We are living in an age in which the success of a business depends on effective marketing to a large extent. The development of a product or service is of no use unless we are able to sell it in the market. The entire process of development culminates with this stage after which the fruits of effort are reaped.


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