5 Benefits of Hiring a Local Digital Marketing Agency in Qatar

The last decade has seen an unprecedented growth in the digital sphere with more and more businesses taking their operations online every day. According to one report published by the research firm Forrester, online sales are expected to reach an estimated $523 billion by the year 2020 in the United States alone.  Given the expansive nature of this growth, businesses operating online need proper and effective marketing solutions to expand their scope and subsequently augment their customer-base.

Demand for this kind of service has been met with a commensurate supply wherein thousands of web-marketing and web development companies have come up offering a host of ITES solutions to online businesses. These companies specialize in search engine optimization and social media optimization in addition to many other IT services and operate both locally as well as remotely. For example, a company based in Mumbai, India could be offering IT solutions to clients in Qatar, Australia. This article is for the latter. It aims to show that while a remote set-up works for many, the benefits of hiring a local digital marketing agency in Qatar outweigh them. 

For any business, the obvious advantage of hiring a local IT company is its easy accessibility. Occasionally, despite a developer’s best efforts a website shows certain glitches. While it is indeed possible to address these issues remotely, having the troubleshooter on hand is more reassuring.

A local agency is also more likely to have a better understanding of its client’s business and if required, will be able to visit the client’s manufacturing unit or office. This gives them first-hand information about the client and allows them to devise appropriate marketing strategies. For example: An exporter of fruits and vegetables that hires a local digital marketing agencyin Qatarwill benefit from giving them a tour of its orchards. The marketing company may put together a story or promotional material based on their personal account of the exporter’s operations.

SMO activities, particularly those around Facebook or Twitter often involve contests or surveys and provide prizes for participants. Again, having a local marketing company for this makes it easier to promote ground activities on the social media pages. For example, if a company is participating in a trade fair or exhibition, their marketing company can share photos or videos of the event form the venue itself. They can go Live and make the post that much more interactive for the viewers ie. prospective customers.

In addition to understanding the operations and characteristics of the client, it is important for a marketing company to understand the customer market. A locally based marketing company is more likely to know the pulse of the local market and subsequently where their client stands in relation to it.

Another important benefit of hiring a local agency is the issue of accountability. Proximity is a key factor is establishing accountability of a company. To avoid any unfortunate incidents of fraud it is advisable to employ the services of a company that is based locally.


Local digital marketing agencies in Qatar offer better accessibility and greater accountability for their clients.

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